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Sri Solutions and Services

eVANIGAM is promoted by Sri Solutions and services (Proprietary Organization) started by Sri. Srinivasan Kannan. He has more than 26 years of experience in Information Technology space. In his career he has travelled across the globe, handled varieties of engagements on multiple leadership roles.

He has a longtime dream of doing something for our society. But he does not have any practical / field experience to get on to the ground. After various analysis he has finally decided to focus on SME’s & Organic farmers. He found that these SME’s does not have a platform to market their products free of cost. Hence Srinivasan Kannan has decided to provide Ecommerce platform to SME’s & Organic farmers to enable them to market their products.


The main purpose of this initiative to enable our SME’s and Organic farmers to get better price for their product and seamless integration with end consumers directly without any mediation through hassle free Ecommerce Digital platform.


  • Enabling SME & Farmers to get better ROI.
  • Boundless consumer base for their products.
  • Clear visibility for a better inventory.
  • Direct connect with end consumers - Zero Mediators
  • All the above are given at free of cost …


  • Sri Solutions and services has started to drive the above said vision through B2C Ecommerce platform named as “eVANIGAM”. In principle we allow only the Manufacturers (SME’s) / Organic farmers to sell their products in our evanigam website.

  • As we all know most of our sales pattern in India all are festival centric. Hence evanigam is has categorized in to two segments such as Seasonal & Regular.

  • Seasonal. (Navarathiri (Golu idols)/ Karthigai (Sweets) / Diwali (Crackers & Sweets)/ Pongal (Organic sugarcane / sweets) etc

  • Regular. (All the other items which not comes under the seasonal. Ex: (Organic groceries, Herbal based health products, Textiles, cow products etc.)

  • In later point in time we are planning to enable more village centric SME’s who are specialized in very unique variety of products.

eVANIGAM – Quick Intro

  • Orders are booked in through secured Payment gateway.
  • Vendors has direct access to see their booked orders in evanigam which will help them to plan for delivery and better inventory.
  • Most of the products are delivered at door step. Delivery charges extra.

Execution pattern

  • We have unique way of buyer pattern in our evanigam. All the sales will be through referrals only. This has been kept purposely for a security reasons.
  • Hence in our evanigam site has 3 major players.
    • Volunteers
    • Buyers referred by a Volunteers.
    • Corporates
  • Volunteers are decided by the evanigam Site admin and this will change time to time.
  • Registered & approved Volunteers will invite buyers from their Friends & Family circles.
  • In case if any of the registered buyers wants to become a Volunteers he / she need to contact the eVANIGAMadmin through email. Upon proper validation and verification buyer will be promoted to Volunteer Status.
  • Apart from this General public also can registered in to our site, however they will be given access after thorough validation & verification process. These people will be assign to any registered volunteers based on their locations. eVANIGAM admin decision is final.
  • All the approved Volunteers will be given nominal incentive as a motivational factor for their extensive support, based on the purchase volume of their referrals.
  • There are cases where evanigam will do sales at “0” margin especially for the vendors who are Social service organizations / very low margin vendors. In such as cases no incentive will be given to Volunteers.
  • Vendors who are playing a role of Volunteers, they are not eligible for the incentive for their own product sales.
  • Regarding corporates it is straight forward method. We will provide them direct access in to our site through corporate login and the authentication will be done by the respective HR & eVANIGAM admin jointly.


  • We want our end consumers to utilize this great opportunity for their Seasonal & Regular needs.
  • Please encourage/refer all your friends and relatives to join evanigam.
  • Let us all help together for our SME’S and Organic farmers for their wellbeing.
  • Please identify more Manufacturers from your own circle and introduce them to eVANIGAM.
  • Please feel free to reach out to eVANIGAM admin for any further clarifications +91 9176715511

Every ₹ you spend on eVANIGAM directly benefits Organic Farmers & SME's and you also become a part of their upliftment.